Are You Considering Selling Your Business Now or in the Future?

Common Owner Oversights, Be Prepared

  1. You need to gather all of your financials on the business for the last three years. Some have these neatly filed away but others have a bit more trouble getting this information together.
  2. Be prepared to explain how you come up with the #s that you are showing the business earning. This often varies from what you may show on tax returns and what you claim the business is profiting due to expenditures, write-offs, and benefits to owners. The more proof you have, that more you can get for your business.
  3. We can help show a buyer how the business can be expanded for growth.
  4. Will you consider financing a portion of the business or property?
  5. Be flexible, it takes working together to get deals to closing.
  6. Do you know what your business would sell for?

One of our brokers can assist with business valuations and the current real estate market. We can help you create a marketing plan tailored to meet your individual needs.

For more information about how Business Brokers of the Carolinas can help you sell your business or property, please contact us to confidentially discuss your interests.

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